Strange Inception EP

by Ghost of Jack Nance

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released February 25, 2013

Thank you: Mikael Jurmu, Silja Seppälä, Joni Kähkönen & Ekku Säily.



all rights reserved


Ghost Of Jack Nance Helsinki, Finland

Trio from Helsinki.

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Track Name: Carpet Store
I'm running round, running round
In a carpet store
I know you're here
Dont know where to go

I hear your voice
Like i have no choice

I'm so scared, im so scared
In this carpet store
I dont know why
But i just want more

I wanna feel
I wanna feel it grow

Follow me, Follow me in this carpet store
Wonder why you're here?
Well this is the door

Over here, over here
In this carpet store

I wanna feel....

Running round, running round.....

I wanna feel....
Track Name: Teardrop
Twiggy packed her suitcase
She’s never going back
There’s so many roads ahead
But they all seem black

Twiggy packed her suitcase
She’s never going back
She never cracked a smile
Unless she was with jack

But twiggy, she would laugh at the end of the world
She would never ever cry

A house build with fire
Jack is a gun for hire
And jack, he was always joking about
how he wanted to be dead

Twiggy packed her suitcase
She hasn’t heard from Jack
Until the phone came ringing
Now what the fuck was that?

But twiggy….

Oh yeah the phone was ringing
and then the shocking news
They said that Jack was hanging
On the living rooms end

But twiggy….
She would never cry..

Twiggy packed her suitcase
She’s never going back
I think i saw a teardrop falling
and her eyes turned red…
Track Name: Strange Inception (EP version)
I had a dream of haunted mansion
Rooms were all black and filled with tension
Footsteps echo in cruel intensions
Eerie feeling of strange inception

Wandering alone
When feelings come and go
Things that have been done
Haunting you

I had a dream of sad pretensions
Barb wire cuts on first impression
Gruesome story of old distression
We're walking through walls in blurry visions

Wandering alone....
Track Name: Night Tide
I felt so blue like a midnight sun
Or deep deep ocean where you're from
I got this cool state of mind
oh, mermaid you're one of a kind

oh, hey hey hey

you are the best thing on my mind
me and you we hate the whole mankind
i packed my packs and left behind
only want to taste your lips of wine

oh, hey hey hey

I'm standing in the freezing tide
I only wanted to make you mine
Please tell me baby where you hide
But now the ocean makes me cry

oh, hey hey hey